Titans Return Astrotrain Gallery!

Titans Return Astrotrain has pulled into the station…er, spaceport.  A repaint/remold of Sentinel Prime, for me he was the version of this mold I have really been waiting for since his reveal.  I’m going to keep this post short as well, but there are a few things I want to note.  Check out the gallery to find out!

What can be said about this mold that has not already been said?  Well, for a moment I want to talk QC.  My first Sentinel Prime does not really hold together well in shuttle mode.  The second one is a bit better, but they both tend to split at the nosecone, and the panels pop out almost every time I get the nosecone back together or place the wings in position.  That is not the case with Astrotrain.  All the parts click and hold well, and his wings and nosecone do not disconnect them.  Perhaps there has been some maintenance done to the mold?  Perhaps the mold wore down to where the parts should have been in the first place?  I’m not sure, but I am happier with how well this figure functions.
Other than that, it’s basically Sentinel Prime with new colors and a new Titanmaster face, but you knew that going in.  Does he look enough like Astrotrain to you, or can you not “unsee” Sentinel Prime?  Personally, I’m very pleased with how he turned out, and proud to have him on my shelf.  Now if Takara could just give me one using the E-Hobby colors…