Titans Return Alpha Trion Gallery!

Spaceship-Unicorn-Lion. Just when you thought Transformer alternate modes could not get any wackier, along comes Alpha Trion. So, how does the oldest living Prime stack up to the rest of Transformerdom?

Spaceship Mode
As far as Transformer spaceship modes go, I guess this is passable. Alpha Trion has a decent landing deck, a navigation fin on the bottom of the ship, and a gun turret in the middle of the landing deck, right in front of the command center.  Obviously a little bit of imagination is needed, especially since some of the lion parts and the robot forearms can clearly be seen in the undercarriage and back sides of the ship. It’s not the worst Transformers ship all mode we’ve ever seen, but it’s not the best either. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would put it at about a six.
Lion, er, Unicorn, er… Liocorn Mode?
I don’t think we will ever get beast modes as glorious as we got back in the days of Beast Wars, but Alpha Trion does not disappoint as a “liocorn”.  He definitely has a retro feel to him, harking back to the days of beasts in G1. He has lots of curves, claws and imitation hair, as well as many angular and robotic looking parts. Pseudo-techno-organic…I guess. Though I do like his look overall in this mode, it is a little bit bothersome that the middle of the lion seems to be a little neglected in the design.  The waist area of the torso seems to just be random robot parts that could not be hidden, but this is mostly a problem if you’re looking at this mode directly from the sides. It’s not as glaring if you look at him at an angle. One other minor issue I have with this mode is that it is not very poseable. There is some articulation in the legs and feet, but that’s about it. The head does not have any articulation whatsoever. Still, this is a decent looking beast mode full of G1 nostalgia. I like it more than I may be conveying in this review.
Robot Mode
This is where Alpha Trion shines. First off, I really appreciate the similarity in chest markings and armor that he shares with Vector Prime. You would believe that he is one of the original Primes. Elements from his other two modes definitely hang over into this one, such as the claws and head of the liocorn, but fortunately nothing gets in the way of the articulation or proportions of the robot mode.

Alpha Trion sports a helmet and neck design very similar to Sentinel Prime, and a push of the sphere in the center of his chest will cause the mask spires to pop up alongside his Titanmaster head. While these spires limit his neck articulation to a degree, the neck base turns inside the chest in the same fashion as the mechanism in Sentinel Prime.  It’s not much movement, but it helps. Personally, I’m going to leave the mask parts down in robot mode.
Alpha Trion can be posed very dynamically, and his heroic portions give the appearance of a knight ready for battle. He comes with an impressive looking energon sword made from the same transparent orange plastic as his Titanmaster cockpit, and painted around the hilt in a deep purple. Also included is a blaster that can serve as a gunner station for the Titanmaster, Sovereign. In a neat design twist, it gives the appearance of claws, very fitting for a Prime with a beast mode.
Alpha Trion has a low to moderately difficult level of transformation. There are some steps that are slightly difficult to accomplish, such as pegging the back of the lion into the torso in liocorn mode. The mask mechanism also seems to be a little tricky to reset, though that could just be an issue with my figure and not indicative of a design flaw in them all.
Overall Thoughts
The oldest of the living Primes has lots of high points in all modes, and a few lows as well. I think he will make a great toy for mid-range aged children and up. As cool as he is, I would not really recommend him for the youngest fans. He is impressive looking, and fun, especially in robot mode. I give him a moderately high recommendation. You’re going to want him in your collection, that’s for sure.