RID TRU Exclusive Paralon and Starscream Gallery!

I love the Robots In Disguise designers. Hasbro may not be doing a Beast Wars Anniversary event, or giving us tons of new Beast Wars updates or reissues, but they clearly gave us a reincarnated Beast Wars Scorponok as a TRU exclusive deluxe figure. Oh, and Starscream is back again too. 🙂

This figure is all the love and all the fun. From his creepy bug legs to his stinger sword, to his “this is clearly BW Scorponok’s CGI head”, he’s full of quirky awesome. He’s also made of so much purple I want to lick him, but I’m afraid I might hallucinate.
Scorpion Mode
I really love how well the scorpion mode turned out. Paralon has the proportions of an emperor scorpion. This in and of itself makes him appear threatening, but the designers took things further to several extra levels. First off, he has some clearly defined, powerful looking choppers, and they are just anthropomorphic enough to raise the creep level by 100. Throw in two sets of beady, blood red optics and add another 100. But that’s not the creepiest thing ever. In a move that reminds me of the YouTube video where the crab gets hold of a steak knife, Paralon can hold his sword just above his stinger. Imagine this guy running all over the floor, sword slashing this way and that.
Robot Mode
Paralon’s robot mode is another step in creepiness. While he has a mostly human-esque set of hips, waist, chest and head, his appendages get freaky. Paralon’s arms are almost squid-like, with single curvy digits at the end. He has legs with double the number of knee joints and their spindliness makes them look overly thin, yet strangely good for jumping.  The thought of a thousand tiny Paralons jumping at my face is the stuff of nightmares.
The Beast Wars Scorponok Connection
Well, the face is pretty darn obvious. Take a look at some screen shots of BW Scorponok and then look at Paralon. You see what I mean?  Add to that his scorpion legs popping out from his back and he’s almost there. One final touch is to take his scorpion claws, which are supposed to be shoulder pads in robot mode, and reattach them to his arms. Bam!  “Almost Beast Wars Scorponok” is complete. I feel like it’s an obvious repaint at some point down the road.
When I first saw pictures of RID Starscream, I was not very impressed. The robot mode looked stiff, and the jet mode looked weird with those big blocks of hanging under the wings. Now that I have him in hand, my opinion has changed a little bit.
Jet Mode
I seriously thought I would hate this figure because of how awkward the wings on the jet mode look. Once I finally got Starscream transformed for the first time, I realized that the shoulders hanging off from the wings are really not that bad. I would have preferred that they find a better way to hide them, such as allowing them to fold in alongside the body of the jet, but we got what we got. That being said, due to this Starscream being a very obviously futuristic jet, I’ll just have to assume that that’s where he carries his payload or his shield generators.  Or I can just ignore them. Honestly, the entire shape of the jet, thick wings included, reminds me of the pyramid fighters from G1. Sleek, powerful, and menacing, this Starscream definitely looks the part of a Seeker.
Robot Mode
There is a lot going on here. The high shoulder pads, mostly G1 color scheme, and cape-like wings give this figure the Emperor Starscream look. The slightly blue-gray tones on what are the normally off-white/gray parts really give off a Transformers Animated Starscream vibe. The overall proportions, with the angular limbs and high shoulders reinforce that look. Top all of this off with a head that looks like TFA Starscream slammed his helmet on Transformers Prime Starscream’s face and you get one of the most amalgamated looks we have to date for a legacy character. He has decent articulation in this mode, though it could have been better by changing one joint. I am not a fan of Tranformers’ heads on swivel joints, and it is the only downside to this figure.

So is RID Starscream fun?  Mostly. There is one thing I have not touched on yet. The transformation sequence for this figure is a little more complicated than most other figures from this line, especially deluxe figures. Some of the parts are a little harder to move into position than others, and they don’t peg solidly at first attempt. I could see this downgrading the opinion of the figure in many a young fan’s minds.  Once you get past the transformation though, Starscream is a solid figure. He is fun to fiddle with in robot mode, and he makes a neat futuristic jet.  All things being considered, I definitely recommend this figure, as long as you are aware that younger children might need a little help to snap everything together in jet mode.