First pictures of Takara Legends Soundwave (LG36), Jaguar & Bullhorn (LG37) Condor & Ape Face (LG38) and Brainstorm (LG39)

TFSource has the first non-silhouetted shots of these upcoming releases. Soundwave’s Titanmaster Soundblaster (as with Legends Blaster’s Twincast) is painted much more like its namesake. He’s also sporting those cool red cartoon eyes in contrast to Hasbro’s toy accurate yellow.
Jaguar looks to have a different head from the Stripes redeco Titans Return is getting. He also lost almost all the grey with a much more microcassette-esque tampo. As expected Bullhorn looks like Bullhorn from Masterforce rather then the original G1 toy which (like Hasbro’s) originally had the bronze mouthplate.
Condor actually looks like Laserbeak instead of the Ravage-esque 90% black plastic one Hasbro is giving us. Ape Face (like Soundwave!) looks to be sporting some cool, anime accurate red eyes but the rest looks unchanged from his Titans Return incarnation.
Brainstorm…is accurate to the Headmasters cartoon. Painfully so. IDW fans better buy the SDCC and/or Walgreen ones unless they really, really, really liked his courtroom scene in MTMTE #40.
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