Episode 1 of Combiner Wars is Here!

The long anticipated premier of the first episode short of the web series Combiner Wars.

Battling Combiners have landed on Planet Caminus – and it’s none other than the powerful and logical Computron (composed of the Technobots) and the unruly and wild Menasor (composed of the Stunticons)! Their epic combat is wreaking havoc and there’s no signs they’re going to stop anytime soon. That’s when Windblade, formerly known as the ‘City Speaker’ of Caminus, enters with her fellow warrior, Maxima. The two of them aren’t about to let the battle go unchecked. But can even two mighty Transformers win against these giant threats?

You can check out the first episode here on go90.com or just check out the embed below and be sure to jump in on the ongoing discussion on our forums to let us know what you think!