Year of the Monkey Optimus Primal Gallery!

If you’re familiar with who I am, you know it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Beast Wars and Beast Machines. I love those series with all of my heart. I love them so much that I’m willing to buy a lot of things that most people probably pass up. Case in point: Year of the Monkey Optimus Primal.
Honestly I had pretty much given up on buying this figure when it debuted online for $150. I love the colors and really wanted to own it, but I feel like a lot of the Platinum releases are not worth their price.  Seriously, whoever is making the decision on the price for these exclusives needs to rethink their strategy. Several online retailers have begun to discount various Platinum figures, and this one is no exception to that trend. While you can still find it $149.99 on some retailer sites, Amazon currently lists it at $48.64.  That might be a little bit on the low end, but who’s going to argue?
A couple of notes about this figure:
The audio clips are no longer Gary Chalk.  That is probably the most disappointing part about this figure. Well, that and the part when I figured out that my original version of this mold is starting to degrade. That gold-ish plastic on RID Optimus Primal is not going to last forever.  I already have some breakage in the lower shin area, and the waist is making some not happy sounds during transformation.  I fear for Robots in Disguise Optimus Primal.  I really do.
This is only the second time that this mold has been used, and there is no degradation on it as far as I can tell. It transforms nicely, the joints are tight, and everything pegs where it is supposed to peg. QC on this release is very high.
In regards to the colors and paint ops, there’s not a lot of variety, and the figure is mostly solid colored plastic parts, but I don’t think that matters. The few paint ops that exist are nice and crisp, and the special faction symbol on the shoulder is a combination of the Autobot insignia and that of a monkey’s face.  Very cool, in my opinion.
All in all, I think this is a very solid purchase for under $50. If you are worried about your original Optimus prime all falling apart, this might be a decent substitute for replacement. You probably want to jump on this now however, as it has sold out more than once since I purchased mine. If you decide you want to pick one up, click here.