TRU Exclusive RID Starsceam & More Revealed

In a big surprise, user Xtreme987 has discovered a new set of Toys”R”Us-exclusive Robots in Disguise Warrior figures, including the previously-seen white Power Surge Optimus Prime and Paralon, but also a new version of Starscream!

The three figures are a new wave of exclusives under the Clash of the Transformers branding, and potentially tie in to the upcoming Robots in Disguise TV “event”. With Starscream’s face adorning every cardback, it seems he may have a large role to play on-screen!

Starscream was a fan-favorite character on Transformers Prime, and many will no doubt be excited for his upcoming return! His wave mates at Toys”R”Us are Paralon, a retool of Scorponok inspired by his Beast Wars counterpart, and a white variant (described as “Elite” by the line’s phone game) of Power Surge Optimus Prime. To discuss this news, head over the Allspark Forums.