Transformers Earth Wars Event Alert!! Decoy Dash Has Begun!

The exciting new game from Backflip Studios and SpaceApe Games, Transforms: Earth Wars, is kicking of their next in-game event titled Decoy Dash!

The event, which kicked off Friday, July 1 at 10:00am GMT and runs through Monday, July 4 at 10:00am GMT. Players that are at Level 4 and above can collect prizes, gather Battle Points and earn Decoy Crystals for a chance to win two new Transformers characters, ARCEE (Autobot) and NIGHTBIRD (Decepticon). Both characters feature the all-new Holo Decoy ability, which places a decoy that distracts enemies and soaks up damage.
Check out the event’s full description and character art of the two incoming characters after the jump, and sign up today if you haven’t already!
See a description of the new female characters below:

“Decoy Dash” Description:
ARCEE has been dispatched on a mission by Optimus Prime but ran into trouble when NIGHTBIRD caught up to her. The two have been crossing paths routinely as NIGHTBIRD tries to put an end to ARCEE’s do-good acts. However, as the battle on Earth heats up, Optimus has sent a signal for ARCEE to return to the Autobots! After failing to eliminate ARCEE, NIGHTBIRD has been recalled by Megatron to finish the job. Battle to win Decoy Crystals to lock onto their signal using the Space Bridge and recall them back to Earth!
Battle Points can only be earned by being victorious in an Event Battle Zones which are accessed through the event menu. Players can earn more Battle Points, Bonus Experience, and gain Double XP during the Decoy Dash Event.

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