Titans Return Legends Wheelie Gallery!

You may be looking at this post thinking why? Why would anybody take time to do a post about Wheelie?  He was that annoying kid Transformer that rhymed incessantly and got on everyone’s nerves.  And don’t get me started on the toy! 
Wait…actually, Wheelie was one of the few movie toys I had from that era of the property, and while I wasn’t super fond of the cartoon character, I kinda loved the toy. It was fun for the time period, and he was my connection to the post movie era figures.  I get to relive that love now with Titans Return Legends Wheelie.
Vehicle Mode
One of the few things that the Generation 1 figure did right was vehicle mode. It was meant to be some kind of tiny sports car, and it pulled that off relatively well. This updated version of Wheelie does everything that the original did, but it does it a little bit better. The wheels look like viable racing wheels, not round plastic globs. The canopy opens up to reveal a space where a Titan Master can be placed, so now you’re not forced to be frightened by Wheelie’s creepy kid face staring back at you every time you pop it open. The overall aesthetic of the car has been turned a little meaner, a littler sportier. This is a Wheelie that looks like he could hold his own in a race against other Autobots, instead of getting relegated to the kiddie track.  The only downside is that during transformation the parts can be a little bit difficult to get snapped into place. They hold reasonably well, but if you put too much pressure in the wrong spot they are bound to pop open.  It’s not a huge problem, but it can be a minor annoyance. Still, the vehicle mode looks so nice that I’m going to ignore it as much as possible.
Robot Mode
If you like vehicle mode, you’re really in for a treat with Wheelie’s robot mode. Gone are the shoulders placed way too high on the torso. Gone is the canopy hanging above his head. Gone are the chicken legs that plagued the original figure. This wheelie is balanced and much more proportional than any version of him we have ever seen in the past. What’s also nice is that this figure takes on many characteristics of the cartoon and comic versions. Personally, I just like that he has a head that’s not fused into his torso and it has the little cap built in. This looks like the Wheelie that I’ve always wanted.  In addition to looking the part, Wheelie also has great articulation and standard 5 mm hand holes, which means that if you picked up the Generations Deluxe Wheelie from a few years back, you can make the perfect Wheelie by giving him the slingshot/blaster weapon that came with that figure.
This is the definitive version of Wheelie. You need him as much as you need to go to the TFWiki right now and read his entire entry, written completely in rhyme.
I salute the fan
with so much time on his hands,
that when covering Wheelie,
he could rhyme so completely
while…crud. Now I’m doing it.
Anyhow, I recommend Titans Return Wheelie fairly strongly, with a few minor reservations in regards to his vehicle mode transformation issues. Overall, he’s fun, looks great, and he is the best iteration of Wheelie to date.