Titans Return Blaster Gallery!

The exciting thing about Titans Return is that it continues to bring us solid updates on beloved G1 characters in the same manner as Combiner Wars did.  In many cases we are getting some of the best versions we’ve had of a character in quite sometime.  Blaster is one of those characters that has had some good figures in the past, which is what makes the Titans Return figure so great. In my opinion, it tops every previous iteration.
Robot Mode
Blaster comes packaged in robot mode, so let’s start there. He has articulation in all of the areas that you would want, and not much hinders his ability to pose. The knees don’t bend quite as far as I would like, and the hips are slightly hindered by the flaps in front, but not enough to really lower my impression of the figure. I love that you can get them to do a headstand as if he was breakdancing. I didn’t know I needed a Blaster that could breakdance until Hasbro gave me a Blaster that could breakdance.  Hasbro knows what I need. 😀
I was a little concerned that he would be too large because of his leader class size, but looking at him in comparison to other figures I don’t think it’s an issue for me.
Blaster comes with an updated version of his classic rifle which gives him quite a bit of firepower straight out-of-the-box. Additionally, he comes with what appears to be interior weaponized-speakers in the form of a cassette shaped platform that can also be used in base mode. The turret guns from base mode can also pop out of the underside of his arms in robot mode. This gives him the ability to surprise any Decepticons that think they have disarmed him.  Titans Return Blaster doesn’t play around.
The Titan/headmaster feature is quite nice. He has the solid appearance of Blaster, and has good neck articulation. Titan Twincast looks like a mini-Blaster. Does this mean one day we will eventually get a Titan Blaster that comes with a leader class Twincast?  Probably not, but one can hope.
Boom box mode
Boombox mode is exactly what you would expect it to be, but I can’t help but see Blaster’s torso in between two large speaker boxes.  This torso-between-boxes look is even more visible in the pictures that we have seen of Soundwave’s alt mode.  Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it, but at least the large speakers mitigate this a little bit in Blaster’s case.
Base Mode
I have to admit that I really was not interested in the base mode, but it’s actually kind of neat.  Between the platforms upfront, the battle station up top, and all of the artillery like the turret guns, this is a well-protected base that is sure to delight young fans…if they can get it formed.
Some Minor Reservations
Blaster is not super difficult to transform, but I could see some of the steps in the instructions being a little confusing for younger fans. Most of this is in the leg-to-platform areas.  Additionally, the plastic he used in the legs is extremely thin. As I noted in my review of Powermaster Optimus prime, the plastic is much thinner then we’ve seen in Transformers in the past. Between the thin plastic, and the pressure that is needed to be exerted on it in order to pop panels in or out of place, I worry about the durability of the figure. Yes, the plastic bends/gives a bit, but is that going to be enough? Time will tell.
Highly recommended
I think Blaster is a very solid figure. He is a fantastic update that stays true to the spirit of the character and adds tons of play value for younger fans with the Titan and base mode.  I highly recommend him for all fans, young and older.



  • Yeah. The only reason I waited so long for MP Soundwave and MP Blaster/Transistor w/ tapes was that I thought that leader class would be too big/out of scale. Since the characters are leader class now, I figured I would be better off going MP. Glad I did.

  • Yeah, I am not digging either Blaster or Soundwave, althro I probably will get Optimus, but probably never transform him into a base.