SDCC 2016 New Stock Photos – Liokaiser, Megatron & More

Hasbro has provided stock photos of the new figures today at their San Diego Comic-Con breakfast preview event!

After checking out the images, discuss them in our SDCC thread on the Allspark Forums!
Deluxe Class – Brainstorm & Autobot Teslor

Titan Masters – Overboard (AKA Overkill), Sawback (AKA Lione)

Legends Class – Bumblebee, Gnaw

Voyager Class – Megatron & Doomshot


Alt-Modes Wave 2 – Bluestreak, Dirge, Hound, Sideswipe, Silver Optimus Prime



Callum somehow managed to avoid Transformers during his actual childhood, but then the live-action films piqued his interest, Animated suckered him in, and IDW's comics made sure he stuck around.

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