Prototype Image of Evolution Toy’s Legioss

From Wonderfest, we have our first prototype image of Evolution Toy’s Legioss, or Alpha Fighter to Robotech fans, and it looks outstanding. This could be the Legioss we’ve all been waiting for.

While we don’t normally cover Robotech news, this was just too big to ignore. Fans have been waiting a long time for a good new Legioss toy. Toynami and CM’s Corporation both failed in different ways, leaving the old Gakken toy from the 80s as the best option on the market. Unfortunately that old toy has odd proportions and a made up color scheme, so it doesn’t quite scratch the itch.
Enter Evolution Toy, which is basically CM’s Corporation 2.0. This design appears similar to the CM’s version with its more dynamic and animation accurate proportions, but some improvements are obvious even from this prototype. The kneecaps appear to be separate pieces, which suggests a more traditional transformation unlike the CM’s toy’s weird frog-legged approach. The intakes are now a proper size. The arms no longer have fins sticking out, and I believe I spy tabs that might lock the arms into place in jet mode, which would fix the CM’s design’s floppiness. Sign me up.
There’s no sign of a Tread yet, but you can trust that I will stay on this story.
This image was found on twitter here.