New Photos of Legends LG-28 Rewind & Nightbeat and LG-30 Weirdwolf

Dengeki Hobby has updated their website with several new images of the upcoming Legends (Titans Return) LG-28 Rewind and Nightbeat as well as LG-30 Weirdwolf.  There are new images featured and we get our first good look at Legends Nightbeat’s head mode.  Notably instead of featuring and all blue helmet and yellow face like the Titans Returns version, Legends Nightbeat features an orange face, yellow inner helmet, blue outer helmet, and black antennae like the original toy.  Rewind features a cartoon inspired face deco rather than the IDW inspired one coming from Hasbro.  Weirdwolf sports a more cartoon inspired head and the Apeface gorilla triple changer in yellow and green.  Also notable is that Weirdwolf’s head’s robot mode (known as Monzo by Hasbro) has his face painted red like the original toy, and not unpainted like the Hasbro version.  Click Read More to see the photos.
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