New Legends Chromedome, Mindwipe, and Highbrow Photos – New Heads Confirmed

eHOBBY Shop (and other Japanese retailers) have begun taking preorders for the upcoming Transformers Legends LG-32 Chromedome, LG-33 Highbrow, and LG-34 (Mind)Wipe.  With these new photos we get a better look at each figure as well as confirmation that each figure features a different face sculpt than their Hasbro counterpart.  Notably each has a new face that closely resembles their Transfomers:  Headmasters cartoon appearance.  Each figure also comes packed with a redeco of an existing Titan Master vehicle as an additional accessory for the larger figure and their smaller Headmaster partner.  This wave of TakaraTomy’s Legends figures are due for release in November.  Click Read More to see the photos of these upcoming releases.

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