More New Legends Releases Announced

On top of the images of Chromedome and co., we now have silhouetted announcements for several more Legends releases, including the highly-anticipated Super Ginrai.

The new releases are:

  • LG35 Super Ginrai, the previously-teased retool of Leader Class Powermaster Optimus Prime
  • LG36 Soundwave, a redeco of Leader Class Soundwave
  • LG37 Jaguar (Ravage) & Bullhorn, redecoes of Legends Class Ravage and Titan Master Terri-Bull
  • LG38 Condor (Laserbeak) & Apeface, redecoes of Legends Class Laserbeak and Titan Master Apeface
  • LG39 Brainstorm, a Deluxe Class Brainstorm retool, and a redeco of Brawn’s Titan Master vehicle.
  • LG40 Astrotrain, a redeco of Voyager Class Astrotrain

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