LG-23 Legends Galvatron Gallery!

I love Decepticons (and Predacons). I love all shades of purple. Legends Galvatron, for me, really should be one of those “chocolate in the peanut butter” type of moments.  Did he make the cut?

I was super excited when I saw that Titans Return/Legends would be including a new and updated version of Galvatron. I’m honestly surprised that it has taken so long to get the few versions of him that we already have. Most have been lackluster at best, being either too gangly, not having the right alternate mode, or not having enough of the characteristics of the robot to really feel like Galvatron. I Hasbro/Takara came pretty close with this version.
Cannon mode
Galvatron is known for two things. Well, maybe three. He is an exercise in cunning anger or blind-raged madness (depending on the fiction of your choice), and he comes with a space cannon alt-mode. HasTak has done a pretty phenomenal job getting the space cannon to look correct. It tilts upward at about 45°, it has the classic tripod looking treads to the side, and the bright orange barrel stands out in front. I really love how shiny and pearlescent the cannon plastic is. It almost looks like it is powering up, ready to blast Starscream away.  I’m very pleased with how this mode turned out, as it looks as about as classic as you can get.
Space Cruiser Mode
When I first heard that Galvatron was going to have a spaceship mode I kind of laughed. I figured that it would be the typical “move a few parts around and pretend that it looks like a ship” mode that we usually get with these kinds of triple changing figures. I’m pretty sure I even saw some online criticism of the spaceship mode prior to the figure’s release.  Honestly, I don’t get the criticism. Galvatron pulls off a pretty convincing spaceship. It looks sleek, powerful, and menacing, just like a Decepticon warship should. It avoids looking like a guy with his parts folded all over the place, even though his feet don’t really have anywhere to go.  I also love that you can put the Titanmaster in the cockpit to pilot him. 10-year-old me always wanted figures with that feature back in the day. 29 years later, here we are. 🙂
Robot mode
Here is where we have a few issues. By all rights, this Galvatron figure should be perfect. He looks powerful and intimidating. He has pretty great articulation. He has all of the right physical features that make him look just like the character he is supposed to be. So why is this not enough? Well, for me there at least two issues that are keeping this from being a perfect version of Galvatron. First off, there is only one position to place the arm cannon, and when it is mounted on his arm, it restricts his articulation and posing to a degree. It’s not all that bad, but it is a little bit of an annoyance. If that was the only problem the figure had, I would silence my criticism now and say that this was indeed a perfect Galvatron figure. Sadly, there is one issue that isn’t so minor, at least for me. You see, the voyager and leader class Titans Return/Legends figures sometimes have a face mask. I can’t say I understand the reasoning for them when they have to potential affect they did here with Galvatron. Galvatron’s neck articulation is absolutely hindered by the inclusion of this facemask and I think it is a pretty big detriment to the figure. It limits one’s ability to dynamically pose the figure, and I really hope that someone comes up with a reasonable solution in the future.  I would love to see a newly molded head as a single-packed Titanmaster. Come on, Hasbro/Takara!  We need to fix this, and if there is going to be a solution, I’d rather buy it from you.  From both of you.
I would like to note that there is really no difference in the plastic type or quality between the Hasbro and the Takara version.  Both takes on this figure are pretty phenomenal, and while I do like Takara’s version for its differences, I have to admit I’m pretty partial to the darker purple in the Hasbro version.  No matter the color scheme you prefer, either one is a pretty solid attempt at a G1 Galvatron. There is a ton of play value added in with the additional space ship mode, and the Titanmaster pilot.
I would recommend this figure fairly highly, as long as buyers take note of the annoying issues with the head and mask, which to this date has not been resolved by anyone.* So go on and get him. He’s worth the purchase in spite of that.
*Hasbro/Takara, I’m looking at you…begging really…fix this and take more of my money.