First Photos of Legends Chromedome, Highbrow, and Mindwipe

Allspark sponsor TFSource has put up preorders for the following upcoming Legends figures:  LG-32 Chromedome, LG-33 Highbrow, and LG-34 Wipe (Mindwipe).  The new listings give us our first look at the TakaraTomy versions of these Titans Return Deluxes.  Each figure comes with a Titan Master vehicle.  Chromedome comes with Nightbeat’s, Highbrow comes with Loudmouth’s, and Wipe comes with Crashbash’s (which was also available in different colors with Legends Skullcruncher).  It’s also worth noting that it appears that Legends Chromedome features an anime accurate head sculpt rather than the IDW-based one of the Hasbro release.  It’s difficult to tell if Highbrow and Wipe also feature new head sculpts, but it’s a possibility given the past releases.  Also be sure to check out TFSource’s preorder for MP-33 Inferno while you’re at it!
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