Unite Warriors Lynx Master Comic

TakaraTomy Mall have released a seven-page comic by Hayato Sakamoto telling the story of their upcoming Lynx Master exclusive!

You can read the comic here on the TakaraTomy Mall website. It’s a sequel to the previously-released Grand Galvatron comic, also by Sakamoto.
Whilst the comic is in Japanese, we can get some idea of what’s going on. In 2011, the five Autobots who form Lynx Master led a rescue mission in the aftermath of Cybertron’s destruction in the Headmasters cartoon, and were reformatted by the heavily-damaged Vector Sigma. Ten years later, Grand Galvatron is looking to conquer Cybertron, but Lynx Master is there to stand in his way… Read all the way to the end for a teaser of things to come!
Once you’ve checked out the comic, head over to the Allspark Forums to discuss it!