Ultra Hi-Res Figure King #221 Transformers Scans

The Allspark has received the latest issue of Figure King magazine and scanned the Transformers related material for your viewing pleasure.  In issue #221, the main feature is showing off Masterpiece Inferno’s many features.  The issue shows off his two animation model heads, his interactivity with Red Alert, how his ladder folds into his body, as well as his ability to swap out his hand for a blaster hand.
Also covered is an interview about the upcoming Titans Returns / Legends Fortress Maximus.  While the Titans Returns version is shown, the information within pertains to both.  One interesting bit is that Cerebros / Fortress was purposely scaled to be taller than the normal Titans Return / Legends Deluxe size class in order to portray that he is the leader of the Headmasters.
On the third page is the upcoming Masterpiece Cheetus / Cheetor prototype.  The images give us a good look at the features and detailing of the figure.  It specifically mentions (though not shown) that the figure will have extra special detail taken with the paint job just like Masterpiece Beast Convoy / Optimus Primal.
New Adventure releases are also featured as well as some information from Tokyo Toy Show 2016.  There is a small image of Legends Super Ginrai that leaked from the event.  The upcoming Diaclone releases are also mentioned as is Unite Warriors Lynx Master.

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