Transformers: Till All Are One #1 Review!

PEACE IN OUR TIME! STARSCREAM and WINDBLADE have given everything to bring together CYBERTRON’s Lost Colonies into a Council Of Worlds. But when the increasingly brutal tactics of STARSCREAM’s secret police increase tension among the former DECEPTICONS… how long can the Council maintain this fragile peace?
We open on… A MURDER.
This whole issue is full of things like that. It seemed a bit chaotic at first (both in writing and art), but I think these were intentional to heighten the mystery. Right from the beginning I felt like I was being thrust into the middle of things, and I just have to know what’s going on!
A sudden conspiracy with the Badgeless seemed a bit questionable, since they were never a big deal before, but as the issue went on I realized that this is exactly what they needed to BE a big deal. Knowing that they use armor and holorgams now, who else is behind those helmets? Does even Starscream know? Is Starscream behind whatever they’re doing? Who is the mystery mnemosurgeon? Was Blast Off actually the one who said the bit about mind probing and recorded the murder? Does Swindle indeed live? Who is DC-357? Are you Ebay username ladiesman217? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.
Probably my only real problem with the issue was that we’re not really given a timeframe, so I have no idea how concurrent the events in the two comics are. That makes it a little jarring to see Circuit and Longtooth on Cybertron when they’re on Earth in Transformers: All Outta Subtitles. Also, the last time we saw Brawl he was going rage-crazy in a riot as Combiner Wars closed, and… I guess he was just sent home to sleep it off? Cybertron has the weirdest prison system.
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