Transformers Earth Wars – Decepticons!

Yesterday we brought you the Autobots and today it’s evil’s turn to reign. Take a look at the beautifully rendered Decepticon characters along with their bios below and go to the Earth Wars website to sign up for the soon to be released game. 

In his own way, Megatron is as much an idealist as his Autobot counterpart Optimus Prime, but Megatron’s zeal sprang from a committed belief that beings such as they were made to conquer and rule, and that any hint of compassion or mercy was an insult to their Primus-given power. On Cybertron, he tapped into the frustration of those like him and enflamed their revolutionary leanings. The Megatron way was and is to rule through intimidation and fear.
Starscream :
Vain, arrogant, ruthless and self-serving, Starscream believes he was made to rule, not to serve, and he’ll stop at nothing to advance his own cause.He’ll betray anyone, ally or enemy — and that extends to his own leader, Megatron, whose tactics Starscream views as antiquated. He believes conquest is made from the ashes of his enemies, and woe betide anyone who gets in his way.
Soundwave (& Lazerbeak/Frenzy/Rumble):
Though Soundwave appears remote, detached and clinical, he secretly delights in the cries and screams of his enemies. It’s literally music to his audio receptors. Beneath his expressionless exterior beats the generator coil of a born blackmailer and opportunist, and it’s wise to be very careful what you say within audio range.Though it’s said that Soundwave can hear a fly sneeze a whole City State away. If that’s not enough to put fear into the spark of an Autobot, Soundwave is joined by his minions Lazerbeak, Frenzy and Rumble who can shake, break and spy on even the most diligent bot. Be afraid, be very afraid.
Mysterious, stealthy and deadly, Bludgeon is a master of the ancient Cybertronian martial art of Metallikato, a combat style that borders on the mystical.The consummate assassin, Bludgeon locks on to his victim like a silent guided missile, and won’t stop or deviate until he’s claimed his scalp.A master swordsman, Bludgeon hides his true robot self behind an outer shell designed to strike icy dread into his victims.
Razorclaw despises waste in any form, and that extends to his own energy output. So it’s perhaps understandable why so many mistake his long stretches of inactivity as laziness, when in fact his optics are carefully monitoring his surroundings, waiting for the optimum moment to strike. Suddenly, Razorclaw will explode into furious, ferocious action, during which his opponents are literally torn to shreds.