Transformers #54 Review!

ALL HAIL OPTIMUS—part 5! OPTIMUS PRIME orders all all-out siege against the DECEPTICONS… leaving himself wide open to a counterattack by the human forces. Which is just what GALVATRON wanted all along…
When we last left our stalwart heroes, Galvatronus had used the Onyx Code that’s distributed around the Earth (thanks, Blackrock!) to force-merge two new Combiners! How could they possibly be defeated?! Fear not, Superion will beat them with his mind!
Yes, I said Superion.
Credit where it’s due, that actually was a pretty clever resolution. At the same time though, it also feels really anticlimactic. The teased Combiner throwdown largely happens offscreen and is actually settled via not fighting, and the only reason I expected a Combiner throwdown is because after building it up for a year the Onxy Code turns out to basically just Enigma of Combination II: Enigma Harder. The Onyx Code could have been anything, but it’s just a Super-Saiyan Enigma, and like the original Enigma it promises a Combiner War that isn’t delivered on.
Over in Otptimusland (capital of Planet Optimus, your new arm of Cybertron in the Sol system, plan your next vacation today!), it turns out a single dog will keep an army at bay. There you go, Optimus: a trip to the pound and some puppy liners on your seats and you’ll never get attacked again. Optimus repeatedly trying to explain to Soundwave why he can’t kill humans was my favorite part of the issue, striking a nice balance of being amusing and pretty dramatic.
Then Optimus suddenly realizes there’s a freaking TITAN under his feet. Holy crap man. how deep was THAT buried to never be detected? With all conflicts settled, our brave adventurers listen to the swelling sounds of the fade-out music as All Hail Optimus… whazzat? There’s more?
Well okay, but this feels more like the final issue of the arc than the penultimate one. I’m still largely enjoying this arc so I don’t want to sound terribly negative, but it just smells of a “padding for the event” non-ending. I’d accuse editorial of tacking on another issue when the writer was already finished if Barber wasn’t also the editor…
Still, I have to keep reading. I need to know if the Titan will take Buster for walkies.
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