Tokyo Toy Show 2016 – Masterpiece Thrust, Masterpiece Inferno, Unite Warriors Lynx Master

Thanks to TakaraTomy Mall, we now have photos of their upcoming exclusive Masterpiece MP-11NT Thrust and Unite Warriors UW-EX Lynx Master!  Thrust is a retool of Masterpiece MP-11NR Ramjet (a retool of Masterpiece MP-11 Starscream, which is a retool of MP-3 Starscream), featuring a cartoon accurate deco, new wings and horizontal stabilizers, face sculpt, and missile pods.  Unite Warriors UW-EX Lynx Master is a redeco of Combiner Wars Sky Reign, swapping out the Smokescreen limb for Ratchet (which was previously a BotCon 2016 Custom Class only figure).  Each figure in the Lynx Master set features extensive deco changes from their Combiner Wars counterpart.  Ratchet also comes with Rook’s accessory rather than the axe typically included with the Combiner Wars Offroad / First Aid mold, which is now paired with Hound in addition to his normal accessories.
We also have new images of Masterpiece Inferno in full color!  The images come from Dengeki Hobby and show off his accessories which include multiple truck fronts, alternate faces, alternate cartoon model helmets, and much more!  Click Read More to see all the Photos!

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