Today Only! Two Transformers Tees on RIPT Apparel!

Been a while since we’ve showcased any designs from RIPT Apparel here! That said, there are two unique Transformers-themed designs today, so be sure to check ’em out if you’re in need of something to cover your carcass.
RIPT Apparel, for those not in the know, sells unique t-shirts with each design only being available for a day or two. Given that business model, we often miss some of the best designs they have to offer, but today we caught notice of two Transformers shirts!
One of the designs parodies vintage travel posters, suggesting the planet Unicron might be a nice vacation spot (it isn’t), while the other is an Optimus Prime/Mario mashup. Both are available in various styles – tees, hoodies, tanktops, etc – as well as on coasters and posters. If you want to snag either, you’ve got about 14 hours left as of this posting. And if you spend over $30, you can use the code ‘FREERIPT’ to get free shipping on your order!