Titans Return Single-Packed Brainstorm In Packaging

From the Twitter account of Walgreens toy buyer Steve Anne comes a photo with a little something of interest to Transformers fans in the background – our first ‘official’ confirmation of a single-packed release of SDCC’s Titans Return Brainstorm.

Brainstorm, a retool of Titans Return Blurr, has long been known to be part of the San Diego Comic-Con ‘Titan Force’ three-pack. Whilst art and renders for a toy-inspired redeco of the figure (as opposed to the SDCC figure’s IDW-style look) were leaked some time ago (check them out below), this is our first ‘official’ suggestion that this single-packed release is happening.
Of note is that his partner Arcana seems to have been renamed to something ending in “-slor”. It’s also worth noting that the schedule for mass-retail Titans Return Deluxes is full through to the end of 2016 – could Brainstorm, given the source of this photo, potentially be an upcoming Walgreens exclusive?
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