The Return of Barricade Confirmed for Transformers 5

After a few set pics leaked last week of a souped up police car being filmed for Transformers 5 fans speculated that Barricade would make his return. It seems that speculation was well founded as we now have an official image depicting the fearsome Decepticon. While it’s believe Barricade ultimately met his demise in the very first Transformers movie nearly a decade ago, his fate was never made clear on screen (Then again, a lot of things aren’t made clear on screen during Transformers movies) – but now he’s back. Take a look at his intimidating vehicle mode below.
Some have questioned whether or not this is truly Barricade and not in fact an Autobot such as Prowl – but if you look closely on the image, while there are no faction symbols present, the iconic “To Punish and Enslave” can clearly be seen on the rear fender. so any rumors of this being an Autobot are fairly unfounded.