TFSS 4.0 Pt 1 Gallery

The first three figures of the TFSS 4.0 have hit mailboxes everywhere.  While I have taken care not to spoil anyone who is still waiting for their arrival, be assured we have plenty of pictures here if you just can’t wait to check out the guys out.  So there you have it, click here and enter if you dare…
Now, while normally I would give a full review of the figures, it’s Father’s Day, and I have fatherly things to do.  I will keep this short by saying the figures are phenomenal.  The tolerances on the molds are great, and they are slathered in paint and tampos.  Honestly, these are some of the prettiest figures to come out of the TFSS yet, and I can hardly wait to see the last half of the subscription now.  I’m also really regretting not getting a second sub, but that is for another day.  Anyhow, enjoy the gallery and have a Happy Father’s Day!