TFSS 4.0 Figure 4 Gallery!

Fun Publications is now sending out the 4th figure for the TFSS 4.0!  Start checking your mailboxes, as it has already begun arriving!  No spoilers on the front page, but if you want to see who it is, and check out a gallery, continue here after the break!
Are you sure you want to know?
I mean, really sure?
Ok.  I guess we can show you now.
It’s Windsweeper.
What can I tell you about the figure that you likely don’t already know? Honestly this is a great use of the mold but there’s nothing really new here because there are no remolded parts. While some people may find the use of the maroon-ish plastic a slight downside since it resembles the components of Tripredacus, I think that the color scheme looks solid and the other colors used break the color scheme up well.  All of the paint ops on the wings, legs, and arms really make those details pop out of the body, and he has plenty of personality.  While the figure proper has nothing new, it does come with the Matrix of Malice, which is a nice pack in to bolster the weapons of your Decepticon forces.
A couple of QC things to note: the mold appears to be slightly suffering from the same degradation that we saw on Tripredacus. It’s not as pronounced, but the backs of the legs do not peg into the body as nicely as I would like them to in jet mode.  On the bright side, the paint ops are nice and crisp and there are less places for rubbing damage to occur on this particular figure.
All in all, this is a solid figure with a nice look and I think most of you are going to be happy with him. Of course as with everything, don’t take my word for it. Check out the pics below and decide for yourself.*
*Author’s note: I prefer the figure with the wings out in robot mode…so that’s mostly what you get.  😀