TAV VS-SP: Runamuck

While Hasbro has been very specific about which molds and styles were set aside for Robots in Disguise versus Combiner Wars, Takara has muddled the waters a little bit. Between remolded War for Cybertron molds, Transformers Animated molds, and a few molds that were set aside for Combiner Wars, Transformers Adventures has been a very eclectic toy line.  Case in point: the exclusive TAV VS-SP Dogfight vs Runamuck set.
While many people were happy to see Takara complete the Runabout and Runamuck duo, there was some disappointment at the thought of paying exclusive prices just to finish the set.  With aftermarket prices putting it at around $90 before shipping, it certainly was a steep price to pay for two Legends class figures. Even so, the set seems to be well received, and has even sold out at some online retailers.  The urge of completionism is alive and well.
Runamuck is not significantly different from any previous version of this mold. Even though the head appears different from previous releases of the mold that is solely due to differently arranged paint ops.  More specifically, the lack of paint on this figure, especially in the head, gives it a strikingly unique appearance.  One tends to focus on the individually painted optics which distract from the fact that they are on top of a molded visor section.  There are very few other details painted on this figure, though it does suffer from the over usage of Decepticon symbol applications.  Five of them is definitely overkill.
In spite of that, I find myself really liking Runamuck. The white plastic is a crisp, clear, bright white. The few details painted on it really stand out, and he makes a great partner to the Runabout version of this figure. Even so, I find that I like him less as Runamuck than I do the TFCC version, and I believe that I will be repurposing him as a different character in my own personal canon.  He doesn’t replace that mold, but he does make a good addition to bolster my Decepticon forces.  Is he worth the extra expense for you? Don’t take my word for it. Check out the pictures and decide for yourself.