TAV VS-SP: Dogfight

As one of those Transformers fans that missed out on the latter part of G1 toys and almost all of the comics, Dogfight came to me as a non-entity.  He was so much of a non-entity that I didn’t even realize he was in IDW’s More Than Meets the Eye until I looked him up on the TF wiki AFTER getting this set. Yeah, I’m not ever going to claim I’m the most observant of people.  Transformers has a very large supporting cast and it’s easy to miss some guys, and Dogfight, well…I missed noticing him in the fiction.
That being said, I’m very glad I did not miss out on the Dogfight versus Runamuck set.  I find that the G1 fan in me cannot get enough of legacy characters and repaints of really good classic-style molds. Dogfight here is the perfect mix of both. Takara did a great job matching both of the blues that are characteristic for this Autobot jet, as well as the stripe designs from his wings, the circular spots on his chest and the red faceplate.  While his wings may be strapped to his sides in bot mode, and he is definitely not the same style jet that he was in G1, he meets the spirit of the character in appearance for both modes to a degree I find satisfying. He LOOKS like Dogfight.  Now…how is the figure?
Many of you have at least one version of the Powerglide mold, so you know what you are getting there.  He has good articulation, makes a nice looking A-10 and a decent blaster for a combiner.  Also of note is that so far I can find no mold degradation with this figure. Considering this is the fourth version of this mold, I kind of assumed that something would not peg right.  This has fortunately not been the case, so you can rest easy that the price you are paying for this figure is going to be worth it. He looks good, he transforms well, and he holds together nicely. A solid purchase through and through.
Now that I’m more aware of this character, I think I’m going to go back and reread some older issues of More Than Meets the Eye.  TAV Dogfight is a great take on a classic character, and the toy makes me want to know more about the bot. If you want to obtain this set for your collection, you better get a move on. It seems to be selling out as fast as retailers can get it in stock. What are you waiting for?