Rumor: Transformers/GI Joe crossover toys coming for SDCC?

Images have surfaced of some interesting Transformers-themed GI Joe vehicles, with the buzz being they’ll be available at San Diego Comic Con next month. Check ’em out!
The photos (posted by user vincentzl on the AC Toys forums) show a Cobra HISS tank with a G1 Soundwave motif, and a Rattler looking very much like G1 Powerglide’s alt mode. Both vehicles have extensive decals that give them some real flair, and the HISS also features weaponry that undeniably echoes Soundwave’s gear. Figures of Scarlett and Zartan are also included in the set.


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  • I really hope I can get my hands on these. I've missed the Skystriker ones but the Shockwave HISS is one of my favorites.