Prototype Image of Legends Super Ginrai Leaked

At Tokyo Toy Show’s Transformers presentation no photos were allowed, it didn’t stop one intrepid fan from snagging an obscured look at the upcoming TakaraTomy Transformers Legends Super Ginrai (known as Titans Returns Powermaster Optimus Prime from Hasbro).  What’s notable about this figure is that it features new and additional tooling from the Hasbro version (which started off as an extensive retool of Generations Leader Ultra Magnus).  In addition to the new tooling present on the Hasbro version, the TakaraTomy version swaps out the cab newly tooled for the Hasbro release with a new cab that is a bit more reminiscent of the original Ginrai / PM Optimus Prime.  He also features a new chest piece, new tooling on the waist, new feet, new forearms, and new handheld guns (swapping out the guns carried over from Ultra Magnus).  Since TakaraTomy has yet to officially reveal this figure outside of the presentation, look to the Allspark for more news as it’s revealed.

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