Platinum Edition Unicron Incoming have posted a listing that appears to confirm a previously-rumoured re-release of the Supreme Class Unicron figure in the Platinum Edition line.

Rumoured quite some time ago by the mostly-reliable source leaking information to the TransMissions podcast, this release is presumed to be a redeco of the 2010 Unicron figure, which was itself a retool of the Armada line’s Unicron. RobotKingdom are currently using an image of the figure’s Hasbro deco as a placeholder, with its final look unknown, and are listing a December 2016 release date.
This figure is set to be the sixth release in 2016’s line of Platinum Edition homages to The Transformers: The Movie, which celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this year. The precedent of those other releases, alas, suggests that Unicron will probably be pricier than his previous releases.
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