Platinum Edition Grimlock and Bumblebee Robots in Disguise Exclusive Announced

This one came out of nowhere (though we did see hints of it at Toyfair 2016), but Entertainment Earth has announced today that the oft sought after TAV-30 Battle Grimlock (which itself is a retooling of the War for Cybertron Voyager Grimlock — see comparisons in our gallery here featuring all variations of the mold to date) will be released as an exclusive as part of the Platinum Edition two pack along with Bumblebee.
Transformers Platinum RID Grimlock and Bumblebee - Exclusive
First and foremost, thank you Entertainment Earth for the sample of this set which is posted below. This set is only available from Entertainment Earth and can be purchased directly here or by clicking the image to the left.

With that said, here are some of my thoughts on the figures. I’ll admit, I haven’t been the biggest Robots in Disguise fan. That’s not to say the toys are terrible or the show is bad, but it’s not my favorite series. The Grimlock mold that this version of the RiD character is based on (and retooled from) is a really great figure, however. If you already have the TAV-30 version of the toy, don’t fret. As is the case with most cross continental releases there are variations on the paint. This isn’t just a repackaged product but was designed especially for the North American market. In either case, this version does NOT have the light up features as the original version of the mold had. But the mouth does articulate and his tiny T-Rex arms can be placed in a number of different poses even without an elbow joint.
Bumblebee looks great. I’ve always been a fan of his car mode in the RiD series and the gold paint on this mold looks really good. There are some issues of color matching with the paint that covers the clear plastic, though. The shade of yellow used is pretty standard yellow and looks nothing like the gold paint it’s meant to match. Also, as is the case with many modern releases there is no paint on the rims of the tires creating an all black plastic look. Some neon blue highlights as in the show would have been a nice touch for a “Platinum Edition” iteration of the character.
All that said, both figures are a great addition to your Robots in Disguise shelf and at around 60 bucks they won’t break the bank. Particularly since the TAV-30 version of Grimlock alone is generally going for between 60 and 80 dollars on the aftermarket.
I’d advise you to pick these up while you can as other outlets will most certainly be doing so to sell at a markup in addition to the millions of Transformers fans that want to get them before they’re gone.