New Unite Warriors Lynx Master & Bruticus Photos

TakaraTomy Mall has updated their preorder page for Unite Warriors UW-EX Lynx Master with new photos of each figure and the combined mode.  The images are mostly more dynamic photos and show the combined mode posed with his sword weapon.  Of note is that Sky Lynx looks a bit less like the Hasbro version with slightly different shades than was originally pictured.  Wheeljack’s gray colors also appear to be lighter to closer match the animation.
Hisashi Yuki also tweeted out two new photos of Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus (due for release in Japan later this week).  In these photos we finally see how Unite Warriors Bruticus would look if he had Brawl and Swindles as arms (instead of legs) and Vortex and Blast Off as legs (instead of arms).  The second photo has Bruticus swapping out his hands for two of Unite Warriors Nosecone’s drills.  Showing the functionality of the drill attachment for the Technobot.

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