Micronauts and Visionaries Exclusives Coming to SDCC!

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Hasbro has announced two more exclusive toy releases for San Diego Comic-Con – a three-pack of Micronauts reissues and a Visionaries Mighty Mugg!

First up is the “Micronauts Classic Collection”. ’70s toyline Micronauts is a cousin of sorts to Transformers by way of being the American import of Takara’s Microman toyline, which later birthed the original incarnations of Generation 1 toys like Soundwave and Bumblebee, and was an ancestor of the Diaclone line that brought us many other soon-to-be-Transformers toys.
The set includes figures of Galactic Warrior, Pharoid, and Orbital Defender (originally Galactic Defender), and its packaging sports artwork by prolific fantasy artist Ken Kelly.

The second exclusive is a Mighty Muggs vinyl figure of Leoric, the lead hero of Hasbro’s late ’80s Visionaries franchise, which like Micronauts is currently in development for the company’s shared film universe project. Leoric features a holographic sticker in his chest plate, just like the line’s original action figures.

As per usual, these releases will debut at HasbroToyShop’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con before later being available in limited numbers on the HTS website. They will also be getting a limited release at Fan Expo Canada on September 1-4.
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