Is SDCC Fortress Maximus a Titan Sized Disappointment?

It’s only been a few hours since the official announcement and subsequent release of official photos of the SDCC Titans Return Fortress Maximus exclusive. The reception on social media has been luke warm at best.

Yeah…no. A few small tweaks and a Master Sword are not worth the price. And doesn’t the Takara one come with the sword anyhow? That’s who is getting my money.

We could have gotten something truly amazing from this. Metrotitan, Brave Maximus or Grand Maximus. This is hardly much different than retail. Really feels like a wasted opportunity.

And some comments are less than friendly

Yawn. Another lazy “phoned it in” SDCC exclusive from Hasbro. Shocker(!)

Certainly, online comments aren’t always known for being objective and full of love, but in this instance I’m going to have to share some of these misgivings. There are differences in the color scheme and paint apps between the SDCC and retail versions of Fort Max, but they are really subtle and you essentially have to view them side by side to notice them.

fmcomparison Retail Render (left) Comparison to SDCC Photo (right)
The sword… while a nice touch, doesn’t really do much to offset the exclusivity of the product in my opinion. To be honest, I’m in the camp wondering why we didn’t get a truly unique version of this mold such as Brave Maximus.
The fact is, out of all the original Robots in Disguise characters and toys that were ported over from Car Robots back in 2000-2001, the 40 story tall elephant in the room was always Brave Maximus. Beautiful color scheme on a toy that would never again see the shores of North America.
So where does that leave us with the new SDCC version for 2016? I suspect despite vocal negative reactions it will sell out as previous large exclusives have done. But I’m curious as to what you think? Comment below or in our forums to voice your opinions, good or bad, about this news and whether you plan on picking one up either at the con itself or via the aftermarket.



  • That'll run you US$225 to preorder right now, which is WAY more than Hasbro's is expected to cost.

  • Orson Christian

  • Wait for Takara.. Hasblow as usual is subpar.

  • Thats *if* you can get an SDCC one for the original price. And the import will include from shipping from most online retailers, as well. For most people, the import may well be the cheaper way.

  • I'm quite okay with this. I mean, there's no way in Hell I'm getting this, but the Master Sword is more of a thing that's cool, but came after what I know of the character. I'd have been far more upset if he'd had the guns they show him holding on the retail packaging, like how SDCC Metroplex came with his second gun. (The smaller TF mini figs would have been nice to be able to get somehow, too.)

  • Everyone also misses that Cerebros has a G1 toy accurate head and those that say "well I get the Takara one" will be paying at least $200+ at an importer, before the shipping. While the SDCC one will likely be the usual $180 and qualify for free shipping from HTS.

  • i will be grabbing if off ebay if HTS does not have any in stock for buying…..