2016 GIJCC & TCC Exclusive Set to Come With Blackcat & Toaster Accessories!

Thanks to information in the latest G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club magazine, we now know the full contents of the upcoming G2 dual exclusive.
While we already knew about Scarlett, Dr. Biggles-Jones, Cobra Commander, Hologram Megatron, and Ratbat; the set will also feature Autobot Blackcat and Autobot Toaster!
Autobot Blackcat is a redeco SDCC Exclusive Ravage figurine (the one packed with the Baroness in the The Epic Conclusion! box set way back in 2013) in green, black, and red.
Autobot Toaster SDCC G.I. Joe Blaster boombox accessory (from the same set) in blue / gray with green and black detailing!
This set will be available for order later this year from Fun Publications.
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