Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #53 Review!

I’m just going to say upfront that I absolutely LOVED this issue of MTMTE. If you love to hate it (or think that I do), this review is probably going to annoy you.
When Roberts fires on all cylinders, he really makes this book happen. He ended up converging what, three different mystery threads into one answer? And it was brilliant. I kid you not, I dropped an involuntary F-bomb while reading this issue.
Okay fine, three of them. And a few S-words.
However, this means that Roberts accomplishes the work of six or so issues in the span of about five pages. That makes it easy to forget that the six or so issues which came before had repetitious plotting, a milestone issue of talking heads, and this “massacre” arc that has had agonizingly slow pacing and delivered one arbitrary death of an unremarkable character. While the payoff in this issue was fantastic and restored my hopes for next issue’s climax, the buildup has been frustrating rather than engaging. I’m not saying every issue should be like this one where virtually everything happens, but it would be nice to see more of a middle ground where the book consistently lives up to this sort of potential.
It’s also a bit refreshing to see a frank address of Cyclonus and Tailgate’s relationship status. However, I’m not sure now what to make of all those times that Tailgate was treated as the token “child” character—and especially the times that Cyclonus was cast in the caretaker/guardian role to said child. It’s an ongoing plotline though, and I remain interested in what Roberts is going to do with it.
Again, I have no complaints about this issue itself. Easily one of the best issues of the comic, and despite my gripes it’s had a lot of good ones. It’s an amazing issue all over and every one of the stunned expletives was well-earned!
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