TFSS 5.0 Story #3 – ‘The Toxic Transformer’ Now Online!

Holding true to their promotion earlier today, the Official Transformers Collectors’ Club has uploaded the 3rd TFSS 5.0 story ‘The Toxic Transformer’!  This story features Toxitron, a retool of Combiner Wars Motormaster based on the cancelled Universe figure, and how he manages to become part of the elite Autobot task force – the Wreckers!  You can read the story here, and subscribe to the Transformers Figure Subscription Service (in order to buy Toxitron) here!  A reminder that the TFSS 5.0 is now open to both current members and former members (as of 2012).  The subscription period for TFSS 5.0 ends at midnight (EST) May 26th, 2016.

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