TFSS 5.0 Now Open to Past Club Members

Fun Publications has sent out an email informing current and past members (going back to 2012) that TFSS 5.0 is now available to order for those members who are no longer current members.  This only applies to former members from when their store front changed in 2012 (likely because they still have those records).  So for those non-members who were once members of the TCC and want to be able to get their hands on the likes of Pretender Optimus Prime, Pretender Megatron, Lifeline, Counterpunch, Fractyl, Toxitron, and the secret 7th figure, head over to the TFSS 5.0 order page to subscribe to the 5th and final iteration of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service!

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This is going out to all current members and former members back to 2012.

We have now changed the software so that members who have been in the system since the spring 2012 conversion can order from the store or FSS 5.0.  This also includes all members who have recently expired or have expired since 2012.  If you have forgotten your password, you can go to the Club Store and retrieve it under the My Account Section.
To order FSS 5.0 you can click here.
FSS 5.0 is the final subscription offering from the Transformers Collectors’ Club.  The subscription period ends on May 26 at midnight.  If you want to get this final offering, please do not wait until the last minute.  These figures will ship in the fall. 

PS  Current members may receive this email 2x.