Official Photos of MP-25L Loudpedal!

TakaraTomy has released photos of their upcoming Tokyo Toy Show exclusive Transformers Masterpiece MP-25L Loudpedal!  Loudpedal is a redeco and retool of Masterpiece MP-25 Tracks featuring a new head (based on the original Tracks toy) and deco on one of the original Diaclone Black Corvette Stingray.  Loudpedal is a Decepticon and comes packed with a clear purple flight stand, Raoul from “Auto-Bop” (where he had an alternate color scheme), a miniature Microchange colored Blaster, and the gun included with MP-26 Road Rage (rather than MP-25 Tracks’ smaller weapon).  Loudpedal will also be available from TakaraTomy Mall via a lottery system.  He will also likely be carried by Hasbro Asia and retailers that they supply to.

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