Next TFSS 5.0 Wreckers Story Coming Today!

The Transformers Collectors’ Club have announced on Twitter that Part 1 of the final chapter of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service 5.0 Wrecker prose stories is being released later today. Accompanying the announcement is art that reveals retail figures Alpha Bravo and Offroad as part of the new Wreckers team!

The Of Masters and Mayhem prose stories of have been following Impactor’s efforts to recruit a new team of Wreckers, and delving into the backstories of these “Wrookies”. You can catch up on the previous installments – spotlighting Counterpunch, Fractyl and Toxitron – on the Collectors’ Club website.
You have until 11pm US time today to order the TFSS 5.0, open to anyone who is or has been a club member since 2012. Head over to the Allspark Forums to discuss the news.