New TCC Counterpunch Prose Story – ‘The Truth We Make’

The Official Transformers Collectors’ Club has uploaded a new prose story starring TFSS 5.0’s upcoming Counterpunch exclusive!  Check out what the TCC has to say about the first part of their four part prose storyline!

With his team gone, a Cybertron deserted and the scourge of Thunder Mayhem ever present on his mind, Impactor has sworn to rebuild his team. That journey behind now with “The truth we make”, the first of a 4-part prose series that ties directly in to the ongoing Club comic story. Click the thumbnail to read this first installment!

Written by the Allspark’s own Justin Severson, with art by Paul Vroman, and the Allspark’s Jesse Wittenrich, this story kicks off the final TCC story line!  Be sure to sign up for the TFSS 5.0 to get Counterpunch and all the awesome offerings included in the subscription service!
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