New Legends Photos Roundup – Transectors, Skids, Wheelie, Blaster, Rewind, Weirdwolf

Hisashi Yuki has tweeted several photos of the upcoming TakaraTomy Transformers Legends releases.  The first photo consists of the transectors and their animal partners from the first wave of Titan Wars figures being released by TakaraTomy under their Legends line.  This includes Hardhead’s, Skull’s (Skullcruncher), and Galvatron’s transector partners and the two Deluxe figure’s animal partners.  Next up is some photos of this month’s release – Skids!  Skids is all decked out in his IDW coloration.  Following Skids is what Hisashi reveals is his favorite of the recent reveals – Wheelie!  After that Hisashi tweeted out a photo of Weirdwolf with Skull, stating that he worked very hard to get the cartoon based head’s details just right for Weirdwolf.  Lastly are two photos of Broadcast (Blaster) and Rewind.  Both feature details very much based on their cartoon appearance (a stark contrast to Hasbro’s which are based on either the original toy or the more recent IDW appearance).

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