“Life Finds a Way” TFSS Fractyl Prose Story Released

The Transformers Collectors’ Club have released the second of their prose stories introducing the TFSS 5.0 Wreckers. “Life Finds a Way” spotlights Predacon geochemist Fractyl, and is written and illustrated by Matt Frank.

Following on from Counterpunch’s story “The Truth We Make”, this new instalment continues Impactor’s quest to assemble a new team of Wreckers. Fractyl has escaped Cybertron following its desolation at the hands of Thunder Mayhem, and finds himself among the Raptoricons on a strange planet!
Head over to the Collectors’ Club website to read the story. Fractyl is part of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service 5.0, which is currently open to orders for club members.
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