Allspark Exclusive Look at Transformers: Earth Wars Character Art – Air Raid

Hey, everyone! The fine folks at Space Ape Games have sent us the first of many unique character art cards and bios that you can only see here at The Allspark. First up is Air Raid. Check it out below and be sure to check out more information about the game, which will launch soon on iOS and Android by visiting

Air Raid: 

Gung-ho or rash? Foolish or fearless? It’s hard to tell with Air Raid, but it’s clear he delights in tactics that others might well see as suicidal — streaking at Mach 3 into a cluster of Decepticon Seeker jets and letting rip with his air-to-air heat-seeking missiles. What is sure, is his wild-eyed devil-may-care personality matches his fighting style. He just loves to catch the enemy napping and spark their wires!
Air Raid’s wild-eyed devil-may-care personality matches his fighting style.


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