Unite Warriors Nosecone Prototype Revealed!

Hisashi Yuki held a poll earlier today in regards to which of the Technobots we wanted him to reveal next.  The options were for Nosecone, Strafe, or to wait until the full product reveal next week (on 4/7).  With 49% of the vote Nosecone was the clear winner (Strafe had 39% and waiting for the reveals had 12%).  So with that Nosecone was revealed!  Nosecone is an extensive retool of Combiner Wars Rook.  Replacing Rook’s tires for treads, a new head, 3 new guns, and a new drill an armature to attach it too.  With the 3 guns, drill, and hand / foot / gun accessory, there are many options to display Nosecone, which Yuki captures in one of this photos.  For those keeping track, Hasbro’s (yet to be announced) Combiner Wars Nosecone will be a retool of Combiner Wars Brawl with a drill attachment replacing the gun cannon.  Yuki has also mentioned that fans should expect the reveal of Unite Warriors Strafe to come soon as well.

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