TFSS 5.0 Subscription Ordering Opens

The Transformers Subscription Service is now open for the 5.0 set of figures.  Recently featured in the Club Magazine and revealed in full at Botcon, the set includes Counterpunch, Lifeline, Fractyl and Scorponok, Toxitron, Double Pretender Megatron, Double Pretender Optimus, and a 7th unknown surprise figure.  The set costs $330 plus shipping, payable all at once or in installments.  Get in on the final set to be offered by FunPub, and which must be fully shipped by the end of the year!  Read on for the link, pics, and to discuss.
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Transformers Collector Club Facebook Post

The Transformers Figure Subscription Service (TFSS) 5.0 order period is now open. As of now, the TFSS is only open to active Transformers Collectors’ Club members. In the next few weeks we will be offering an option for ANY past member of the Club to order the TFSS 5.0 as well. Stay tuned to for information on when that is available.
In the meantime, if you are an active member you can order your TFSS 5.0 now by visiting Please note, there is no limit on the number of subscriptions you can purchase as the TFSS is built to order.

The order period will run until midnight May 26, 2016. In addition, please ignore the “Click here to join” link on the log in page. It has been disabled.
You can either pay in full or by installment. Also, everyone that completes the full TFSS will also receive a BONUS 7th deluxe figure! This BONUS 7th deluxe figure features a head sculpt not yet released at U.S. retail.
Thank you for your support and we hope you are as excited as we are about the TFSS 5.0!