TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive MP-14+ Anime Alert!

Giving hope to all of us who were less than impressed with Wheeljack’s overly race car centric deco; TakaraTomy mall has announced they’ll be releasing an exclusive “anime color” Red Alert. Notable changes from the original MP-14 include:
-Most black has been replaced with grey
-Most silver paint/plastic replaced with off-white
-Off-white replacing white for the majority of the figure
-Off-white thighs from red
-Orange “short circuit” accessory piece from light blue
He will retail for 8,424 Yen (or roughly $76 at the current rate of exchange) with a probable release in September 2016. Additionally, the pre-order window looks to be open from 04/11/16 – 05/09/16.
You couldn’t ask for a more anime based colorscheme. Dare we hope Wheeljack will get a similar “+” treatment?
You can scope out the listing here and discuss this news with your fellow fans in this thread on the Allspark.